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We know your business is faced with complex engineering risks and these need to be resolved quickly and without stress.

Without equipment, your business operation can come to a standstill resulting in substantial costs and damage to your reputation. Inspections and breakdown cover provide peace of mind to ensure you are adequately protected.

We are experts in our field which is why we work with industry leading insurers to ensure you are provided with all the facts you need to make a decision for your cover and thoroughly assess all your requirements to give you a policy which safeguards you from the sometimes unavoidable

Why choose us?

We use industry leading insurers

We work closely with our insurers who we trust to get you the best deal, at the right price with outstanding service. Engineering is a cover which requires specialist knowledge so we ensure we send you the right person for the job.

We don’t just work 9-5

We understand that our office opening ours do not match the times you run your business. We make sure we provide you with a contact number so you can reach us when you need us.

We keep up to date with Legislation

Our Brokers, sales team and support team keep up to date with any changes in regulations so we are quipped to give you the best advice.

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