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When an incident occurs time is of the essence. The earlier your insurer gets involved in the claims process, the better chance they have of managing the cost of your claim.

The first two days following an incident are critical in the handling of your claim.

Proactive claims management leads to:

Truck Insurance

Truck Insurance

If you need to report a claim today, in the first instance contact your insurer direct on the following numbers:

  • ERS Motor Claims - 0344 800 8604 (new) / 0344 800 8523 (existing)
  • Axa Motor Claims - 0345 900 4185

If your claim is for a Non Motor Policy, contact our friendly claims team on 01952 298820

To speed up your claims process, please ensure you have the following details on hand:

  • Policy Number (you will find this on your claims card)
  • Registration Number
  • Details of the accident including times/dates & locations
  • Contact details for all parties

Truck Breakdown

Truck Breakdown

If you require breakdown assistance, please call the designated helpline numbers below

  • Breakdown - 03332 021 908

'Crash for Cash' Scams

'Crash for Cash' Scams

Prevention is the best defence

To avoid drivers being targeted, we’ve put together a series of steps to ensure all drivers can combat the growing menace of 'Crash for Cash' scams.

  • Never tailgate - allow plenty of space between you and the car ahead
  • Look beyond the car in front. If you see erratic driving up ahead, slow down and be ready to brake hard - remember the intended victim might be you
  • Carry a pen and paper for taking notes and keep in the glove box a disposable camera or mobile phone for taking photos
  • Consider fitting forward-facing video cameras and announce their presence with stickers on the back of your vehicle. This may provide to be invaluable
  • Telematics technology combined with forward facing cameras can help analyse an accident situation, help prove liability and avoid false escalation of a claim
  • Avoid distraction - if you are using your mobile phone or otherwise distracted this could work against you when trying to prove liability

Suspect you're involved in a 'Crash for Cash' scam?

If you are unlucky enough to be involved in what you suspect is a 'crash for cash' scam you need take certain steps, in addition to exchanging names, addresses, and insurance details and so on.

  • Stay calm, think clearly and, as with any accident, don't admit liability
  • If a no-stop vehicle is involved, try to get its registration number - or at least a brief description - as it leaves the scene
  • Call the police, but be careful - you're dealing with criminals. A call from your cab to your Transport Manager could in fact be a call to the police
  • If there's the slightest indication of injury, call an ambulance as well - note how the car's occupants respond to the emergency services' involvement
  • Use a disposable camera or your mobile phone to photograph the immediate scene, road markings and damage to the car involved
  • Count the number of occupants in the car - the number can grow in the days following the accident
  • Get the names, addresses and dates of birth of all the occupants and make a note of where they were sitting in the car
  • Look for independent witnesses - avoid anyone who's too enthusiastic, though, they might be in on the scam. Get their names and addresses
  • Share your concerns with your insurers - they're as keen as you are to take action against 'crash for cash' criminals

Forwarding-Facing Cameras

Forwarding-Facing Cameras

Help us to prove your side of the story!

We think forward facing cameras are an invaluable risk management tool and prove to be an undisputable witness in the case of an accident.

With the camera footage, we can help you to:

  • Determine Liability
  • Help avoid fraudulent claims
  • Handle claims more quickly

Claims Accident Packs

Claims Accident Packs

At Truck Quote, we provide the appropriate aftercare once you've taken out your insurance with us, so in the event of an accident, we've got it covered. Our claims accident pack consists of all relevant accident assistance details you require when involved in an incident.

Your pack contains documents outlining:

  • What to do in an event of an accident
  • Two tear-off accident crash cards to give to other persons involved
  • A tear off accident record form with return instructions

And a Pen

We also ensure you are armed with claims card and key fobs outlining all contact telephone numbers and policy numbers, assuring you're well prepared with all details, at all times